Case Study: Texas Medical Association

05 May 2016


Founded in 1853, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) is the country's largest state medical society––speaking for nearly 50,000 physician and medical student members.

Committed to improving the health of all Texans, the TMA faced a number of digital challenges that were limiting its reach and influence:

  • The old website wasn't mobile-responsive. This was especially troublesome given the website's functionality, e.g., finding physicians, logging into the member portal, etc. 
  • TMA operates in conjunction with its political advocacy group, TEXPAC (a site we redesigned simultaneously). But the two sites required two separate logins. This was a bothersome burden on TMA's users––and the two websites weren't architecturally or visually connected. 
  • The visual design was outdated and simplistic. 
  • Users weren't presented with a clear journey through the site. For example, membership recruiting is a key goal of the TMA, yet the old site didn't emphasize membership benefits or make registering easy. 


TradeMark Media partnered with the Texas Medical Association to design a website worthy of the largest state medical association in America. Specifically, we...

  • Designed and helped build the TMA's new home on the Web. After architecting and designing the site, we worked closely with TMA's internal Web team on its development and launch.
  • Aligned the TMA's new visual brand with its sister-organization, TEXPAC. With a professional and sophisticated design, the two sites now feel connected––even utilizing the same card structure as one another. 
  • Created a site architecture that more directly supported the TMA's goals of increasing membership, engaging members in advocacy, increasing event attendance, and sharing its industry expertise. 
  • Added in a "featured event" function that lets TMA decide which events get larger, more prominent placement on the site.
  • Deployed a content strategy that better highlights the TMA's vast resource archive, while also better connecting topics to one another––thus, getting users to stay longer on the site and read more.

The Verdict

We're proud to have collaborated so closely with such a prestigious association––and one with such a vital mission. With its reimagined website, the TMA is poised to increase membership and widen its influence. We hope to continue to provide the TMA with the digital strategy it deserves.