Case Study:

02 Nov 2015

The Challenge

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) had an employment website at that was outdated, unintuitive, and not tailored to its entire audience.

Via its extensive network of "workforce centers," NCTCOG serves 14 counties in North Central Texas, but their website didn't make this crystal clear. And so, plenty of job-seekers and potential employers passed it by. A new website would, first and foremost, need to illustrate NCTCOG's geographical reach in order to engage thousands of new users. 

Visual design was an issue, too. In a sea of job-hunting websites, looked anemic––i.e., the homepage was austere, old, and completely forgetable. But more importantly, it didn't convey a sense of professionalism and scope that would earn users' trust.

The site itself lacked usability. NCTCOG helps provide a service to employers and job seekers, but their former website did not aptly display employer services. TradeMark and NCTCOG agreed that their new site must be focused on both audiences.

The old site also neglected mobile audiences. You could access their site on a mobile device, but it was a real pain to use. Its format was unintuitive and unattractive. In order to reach young, innovative professionals, having a mobile-friendly website was essential.

The Solution

TradeMark Media teamed up with NCTCOG to resolve their website's shortcomings and provide both job seekers and employers a first-class hub for employment opportunities in the North Central Texas area.

Together, NCTCOG and TradeMark came up with a conservative design that paired with cutting-edge design trends. We chose large and attractive photos of regional businesses for the homepage, which grab the users’ attention while also remaining relevant to NCTCOG services.

The much-expanded navigation bar improves upon the old site’s lack of links. A first time user will have no trouble finding content or learning more about NCTCOG.

The page’s primary features are its “For Businesses” and “For Job Seekers” links which appear directly on top of the background image. Their positioning is intuitive to NCTCOG’s primary audiences and allows users to access NCTCOG’s services immediately. Just below is a list of the counties NCTCOG serves, along with testimonials praising their work. These features communicate the organization’s professional value and relevancy.

And for mobile audiences, TradeMark created an extremely user-friendly mobile platform for the site. The homepage’s primary features are still the “For Businesses” and “For Job Seekers” links, which continue the site’s intuitiveness. The rest of the page’s content has been streamlined into a scrollable format, allowing users to quickly explore the rest of the site.

With this re-launch, anybody seeking employment or new employees in the North Central Texas area had a functional and attractive online resource. That's what's called a win-win.