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The good news: August is almost over and fall will be here soon. 

The even better news: It's time to vote on which sessions will appear at the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference—taking place in New Orleans next April. We've pitched four sessions.

Now, it's up to you to help us get in! And all you have to do is:

1. Browse the session descriptions below.

2. Pick one (or four) you like and click the "Vote Now" button.

3. Vote for us on the NTC website. 

You can vote for as many as you want, and voting ends on September 1. 

Ad Grants: How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Google Advertising

Google Ad Grants are the biggest missed opportunity in nonprofit marketing. Many nonprofits are utilizing the Google Ad Grants program but not seeing the results they expect. We’ll demonstrate how to ensure your Google AdWords account is set up properly, how to maintain your Ad Grants qualification year-over-year, and why you should never use the AdWords Express platform (that’s right, never). We’ll also explore best practices for using Ad Grants to reach your goals—and how to stretch your budget to maximize those pesky $2 cost-per-click stipulations.

Learning Objectives

  • The many different ways you can use Ad Grants to meet your nonprofit’s goals
  • Best practices and tips for maximizing your Ad Grants account structure, budget and results
  • How to create your AdWords account, conduct keyword research, and deploy conversion tracking to measure the results of your advertising


60 Slides in 60 Minutes: “Best Of” Digital Fundraising Examples

That’s right, we’re firing up 60 slides of the very best digital fundraising examples from nonprofits like yours, across sectors. This session will inspire and equip you with concrete tactics you can implement in your next digital fundraising campaign. We’ll explore great content, unique thinking and delightful design through emails, websites, online advertising, donation pages, videos—and anything else that increases online donations. And of course, you’ll be able to walk away with the presentation itself as a resource for future brainstorming. This session is best for those organizations that have an in-house communications team or the ability to outsource at least part of the work.

Learning Objectives

  • How nonprofits are using creativity and interactivity to engage donors and supporters

  • What makes these “best of” examples successful

  • How to take inspiration from these examples and turn them into real change at your organization


Anatomy of a Nonprofit Website: Why Your Donors Aren’t Giving (More) Online

Your website is holding you back. A growing number of donors are giving online, but there’s a good chance your website is giving them reasons to reconsider. Why is your website confusing your current donors? Why is it turning off potential donors? It could be cognitive load, a phrase used to describe an overabundance of information. Or maybe your donation form isn’t optimized, making it difficult to move through the donation process. It could even be that you just haven’t given them enough reasons to care. In this session we’ll explore what makes for a successful nonprofit website, from content to user flow to donation thank you pages. We’ll also include a handy Website Self-Evaluation Kit to help you identify your current website challenges and understand how to fix them. The Kit includes suggestions for quick fixes for your donation forms, homepage and hero content.

Learning Objectives

  • Write clear hero messages that encourage donors to engage with you

  • Understand how you may be creating confusion through your messaging, user experience and/or donation form (and how to fix it)

  • Make quick website fixes that result in immediate improvements


How to Create Donor Surveys That Improve Your Fundraising

If you don’t regularly survey your target audiences, your fundraising efforts are merely educated guesses. And if your surveys aren’t carefully crafted, you’ll end up receiving misleading data. But done well, surveys can empower you with real, actionable, and surprising insights into what your current and prospective donors do, think, and need. Smart surveys can turn your fundraising strategy into a fine-tuned, sophisticated engine of revenue. In this session, we’ll examine all of the components of a great donor survey project—including how to build it, deploy it, and analyze the results. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll identify and help you sidestep the countless pitfalls that plague so many surveys.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the types of surveys—and when to use each

  • Create a survey strategy that gets you the data you actually need

  • Analyze the data objectively


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