Wiley Koepp

Senior Developer

I thrive on helping people identify problems, working with them to brainstorm ideas, and implementing the best possible solution.

Bachelor of Arts in English, The University of Texas at Austin; Teacher Certification

Wiley brings a wide array of skills to the TradeMark team. He has 11 years of stem-to-stern web application development experience—from handling initial client meetings and system design to writing code and conducting post-launch training. That expertise, coupled with 10+ years of teaching and counseling in and around Austin, has honed his ability to translate 'tech speak' into everyday language.

Wiley is a proud father, husband, and drummer. When not playing with his sons, he can be found performing in one of Austin's many live music venues.

Favorite Things

  • Building Legos with his sons
  • Toobing the Comal River
  • Making music

Favorite Resources

Pet Peeves

  • Overuse of the word "like"
  • When people say "New Braunsfel" instead of "New Braunfels"
  • The demise of both the Oxford comma and double spacing after the end of typed sentences


  • Achieved nationwide notoriety in college with his "Save the Lobsters" campaign for UT Student Government President
  • Achieved more notoriety a decade-and-a-half later via the "Save the Cactus Cafe" campaign
  • Is done with all manner of campaigns aimed at saving things