Cristóbal Almanza

Information Architect

Every day is a new beginning—a chance to learn and grow. I love the opportunity to help businesses find creative and effective solutions.

Associate in Graphic Design, The Art Institute of Colorado

Cris has been involved in user experience design and information architecture since 2009 and freelance designer since 2006. His original training came in print design, but he quickly expanded into the digital space. For TradeMark's clients, Cris is involved in the discovery process, the development of website architecture, visual design, and helping craft the overall user experience.

Cris is a proud native Texan. He moved to Austin in 2009 from Denver and has felt at home ever since. Outside of work, Cris spends his time creating art, going all around town enjoying the culture and music, and spending time with friends and family.

Favorite Things

  • Spending time with family and friends
  • His church community
  • Teaching and serving in the community
  • Good conversations
  • Traveling
  • Cat GIFs

Pet Peeves

  • Unpainted art canvas edges
  • Missing and incorrect signage
  • Leaky pens
  • Unending pessimism


  • Award-winning oil painter whose art has been shown in Rome, Denver, Lubbock, Austin, and San Antonio
  • Directed spiritual retreats since 2003—with more than 10 years' experience in youth ministry
  • Takes every opportunity to be a tour guide
  • Pronounces his name "kress-TOH-vahl" but also goes by Cris

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