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Andrew Buck

Content Marketing Manager

More than ever, great content matters. It can move the needle. It can help you sell more, recruit more, and connect more.

Education: BA in English, The University of Texas at Austin; BS in Communication, The University of Texas at Austin

Andrew is TradeMark's keeper of content, both for our clients and the firm itself. With nearly 15 years of experience in nonprofit marketing, instructional design, and project management, Andrew is keenly aware of how to (a) create a content strategy and (b) execute it. Whether writing a 3,000-word white paper, 750-word blog article, or 140-character Tweet, Andrew brings a highly readable and engaging style to our clients' content. (If you see a Tweet or Facebook post by TradeMark, that was probably Andrew.)

Outside of work, Andrew is highly involved in the Austin Improv Community. Before improv, Andrew spent a decade helping run the Austin Poetry Slam. And before that, he was a member of UT-Austin's 2001 national champion speech team. In other words, if there's a stage or spotlight, Andrew's gonna try and steal it. 

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