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Number 70 | June 2012 | View Archive

Welcome to The StyleSheet #70. This month Nick reviews several key items that great websites have in common, and Andrea dives in to writing quality content for the web. In our Useful Things section, Kristine shares two great resources for efficiently checking links site-wide and Matthew discovers a handy tool for highlighting important information on web pages.


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What Makes a Great Website?

By Nick Weynand, TradeMark Media President & Strategy Director

Nick highlights several keys components of a great website, such as design, content and accessibility.

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Writing for the Web

By Andrea Richeson, TradeMark Media Chief Operating Officer & UX Director

Andrea discusses content strategy, and what to think about when constructing your online presence.

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Useful Things

By TradeMark Media, TradeMark Media

If you’ve ever found really valuable information on a webpage, but only after scouring through a sea of irrelevant information, then you’ll love is a simple annotation tool. You can highlight text on webpages with your mouse, point out important information and share the highlighted pages with others. The annotator creates a special link for the highlighted version of the page (like that saves all your highlights/annotations. You can share it through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, IM, etc., or just bookmark it with your favorite bookmarking tool, i.e. Delicious. You can view the highlighted page later with any browser (no bookmarklet or browser extension necessary for viewing). Best of all, it’s free!

Integrity/Xenu Link Checker

By Kristine Fernandez, TradeMark Media Developer

Preventing users from reaching the dreaded 404 error while clicking through your site might seem unavoidable when you have sites with older content or hundreds of pages that would be tedious to click through. There are online link checkers that scan individual pages, but that can be just as time-consuming. Instead, turn to Integrity (Mac) or Xenu (PC). These free link checkers will scan site-wide for broken links,  so you can improve both the SEO and user experience on your site.

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“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

— Joe Sparano

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