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Number 60 | August 2011 | View Archive

Welcome to The StyleSheet #60. This month Steve and Izzi discuss the in’s and out’s of quality coding and technology strategy. In our Useful Things section, Jeff discusses a cool new tool for easily creating animations, and Nick shares a new app that speeds up and protects your website.


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Revealing the Code Behind Your Site

By Steve Garcia, TradeMark Media Developer

Steve discusses quality website development.

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Building a Solid Technology Strategy

By Izzi Hassan, TradeMark Media Developer

Izzi walks us through some of the major components of Technology Strategy.

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Useful Things

Adobe Edge

By Jeff McAllister, TradeMark Media Art Director

Adobe Labs recently released its preview version of Adobe Edge. The application provides designers and developers with an easy-to-use interface for creating animation for the web, without having to use Flash. Animation effects are rendered without using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The full version will be released soon but the preview offers full functionality.


By Nick Weynand, TradeMark Media President & Strategy Director

CloudFlare is a service that will speed up your website and protect it from security threats and hacking attempts. It works by taking over the DNS hosting on your website, caching common functions to speed up load time and redirecting malicious traffic. CloudFlare offers both free and paid options depending on the features that you need.

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