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Issue #103 | July, 2015

This is the final issue of The Stylesheet. Kind of.

In the next month, we’ll unveil the blog version of The Stylesheet, which will allow us to more regularly publish our musings directly to our website. Don’t worry: If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll still receive a monthly “digest” version of The Stylesheet. We’ll share our new blog’s address with you as soon as it’s launched.

In the meantime, let’s go “out” with a bang!

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Issue #102 | June, 2015

We’re moving! Starting next Monday, June 29, we’ll be doing business from our brand new office building located at 2400 Webberville (map). Check out the photos of the new place below, and keep an eye out for an invite to an open house coming soon.

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Issue #101 | May, 2015

In this issue of the Stylesheet: … how to tell your story online … Teddy Roosevelt … icons and to-do lists … a new office & a new baby … three website launches this month …


This issue is about storytelling.


But first, we’d like to offer up a hearty congratulations to our Technology Director, Stephen Tidmore, and his wife on the arrival last week of their new son. Word is, the kid’s already learning to code…


And now, let’s tell some stories!

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Number 100 | April, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #100. Nine years ago this month, TradeMark Media began The StyleSheet newsletter to inform our clients and community about the ways businesses, organizations and individuals use the Internet. We will have a more official celebration of this milestone in May as we look forward to celebrating #200 some years from now!


You may have have heard that you have to keep all of your most important website content above “the fold” and accessible within three clicks because users resist scrolling down and navigating through websites to find what they are looking for. Mike brings clarity to issues like these in our featured article about the myths of user behavior. In Useful Things, Marty shows us how reveals how website pages are seen by the top web browsers, and Patrick introduces the Page Analytics Chrome Extension, which provides valuable insights about user behavior.

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Number 99 | March, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #99. In years past, companies with mobile responsive websites provided nice experiences for the slim number of users trying to access content using mobile devices. Now that the proportion of mobile traffic to websites is increasing dramatically, Google is promoting sites with great mobile usability while penalizing sites with poor user experience. In our featured article, Patrick discusses how responding to these changes will continue to have greater business impact in the years to come. In Useful Things, Kristine introduces a website allowing you to see how your site is seen on a variety of devices, and Danny provides a Google tool that tests your site’s mobile friendliness.

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Number 98 | February, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #98. In this issue, Mike provides insight on how to intuitively design website menus. In Useful Things, Polly highlights a tool for categorizing website content and Sarah shares resources about productivity at the workplace.

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Number 97 | January, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #97. In this “Year in Review” edition, Sarah reflects on TradeMark Media’s wild ride in 2014. In Useful Things, Martin highlights one of his favorite design tools and Piper shares an organizational app that will help you get 2015 started on the right foot.

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Number 96 | November, 2014

Welcome to The StyleSheet #96. In this edition, Jason explains why website content audits are necessary for keeping websites relevant and up-to-date, and provides concrete tips on how to conduct them. In Useful Things, Mike highlights his favorite organizational tool and Sarah shares a site that helps manage holiday gift exchanges.

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Number 95 | October, 2014

Welcome to The StyleSheet #95. In this edition with two featured articles, Patrick explains how Google AdWorks works and sheds light on why it may, or may not, be right for you business. In Useful Things, Daniel highlights Moz, a complementary tool to Google Analytics, and Lisa shares a useful app that helps you schedule tasks based on your daily productivity levels.

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Number 94 | September, 2014

Welcome to The StyleSheet #94. In this edition on preparing for a website redesign, Mike discusses strategies and tips for gathering stakeholders’ input to set your web project, and website, up for success. In Useful Things, Carly and Sarah highlight two tools to assist with this process.

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