Tips for Writing Better Web Content

Often, people who have little or no training in writing for the Web find themselves charged with managing their company’s Web site content. Since we’ve gotten a lot of questions throughout the years regarding site content, I thought it might be useful to put together this tip sheet.

3 Golden Rules

Where Should You Start?

  1. Make an outline. Creating an outline or site map is an easy way to organize information into main pages (a.k.a. main navigation) and sub pages.
  2. Think about your audience.
  3. Write a first draft. This includes anything and everything you think should be included. Don’t worry about the exact wording, just get the general idea down on paper, even if you’re only describing the content for that section (i.e. “this page needs a photo and a short bio”).
  4. Strike out content you can do without.
  5. Repeat step 4.
  6. Compare the first draft with the third draft. Is it about 25% of what you originally had? If the answer is yes, move onto the next section. If not, repeat step 4 until it is.

How You Can Make It Better


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