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Web Design for Babies

Book cover of Web Design for BabiesWhat’s a better way to get your kid on the right path to a successful career than to teach them the basics of web design and development? Web Design for Babies is a board book that covers the basic concepts of how a website is built. You might even learn a thing or two!


Locish logoHeading out of town this summer? Check out Locish, a new app that allows you to customize your travel preferences and get recommendations from like-minded users in the area you’re exploring. Just post a question to locals in your area (Where can I find a cozy French bistro with patio seating?) and get suggestions from those who know that neighborhood best!

Unsplash is a resource for free, high-resolution photography. They release 10 new photos every 10 days. The selection is a little random, but you might find that perfect photo for your next blog post or presentation. The photos are in the public domain and can be used for all purposes.


ToodledoNeed to get organized and keep track of all your tasks? Try out Toodledo, an online & mobile app that helps you organize, collaborate, prioritize, and customize your lists.

Google URL Builder

Google URL BuilderIt can be difficult to track how well your email marketing or banner advertising campaigns are performing in Google Analytics because they are often categorized as direct or referral traffic.  Use Google’s URL Builder to customize your landing page URLs, and Google Analytics will categorize this traffic by campaign medium (email), source (newsletter), name (May2014Newsletter), and other variables in the Acquisition > Campaigns report.

Google Analytics Solution Gallery

Google Analytics Solution GalleryGoogle Analytics has a wealth of information, but it can be difficult to process all of that data in a usable way. In the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery, users contribute their most useful dashboards, custom reports, and segments. You can browse by category (e.g. Site Optimization, Lead Generation, or Organic Search) or check out featured and most popular solutions that will optimize your Analytics experience.

Survey Monkey for User Research

You may already know that Survey Monkey is a free service for creating and sharing surveys, but it can also serve as a user research tool by helping you start conversations with people using your site. You can create and post a complete survey and start gathering feedback in minutes. It also allows you to post screenshots of new site navigation options and have people give feedback. Writing an effective survey is a bit of an art form, but this article can help you get started.

Guide to A/B Testing

Having difficulty deciding how to best present an idea, product or call-to-action on your website? Enter A/B Testing—a powerful tool in your UX arsenal that, through comparative analysis, can replace assumptions with actionable data. To learn more about A/B Testing and how you can make it work for you, check out Smashing Magazine’s in-depth article, The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing.


Curve is a well-curated blog by Getty Images that is a great resource for the latest strategy, insights, and visual trends for businesses. From everything from articles on visual storytelling to tips for which videos are best for branding and marketing, Curve is a one-stop-shop for all things hip and trendy in the online, visual space.


Having trouble keeping up with all your interests? Use If This Then That (IFTTT) to keep you notified in the way that you want, whether it’s via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, a flashing light on your computer, or even flashing lights in your house. By using an existing IFTTT app or creating one of your own, you can be kept up to date on topics ranging from when your child gets home from school to when a basketball game is starting.

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