Number 100 | April, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #100. Nine years ago this month, TradeMark Media began The StyleSheet newsletter to inform our clients and community about the ways businesses, organizations and individuals use the Internet. We will have a more official celebration of this milestone in May as we look forward to celebrating #200 some years from now!


You may have have heard that you have to keep all of your most important website content above “the fold” and accessible within three clicks because users resist scrolling down and navigating through websites to find what they are looking for. Mike brings clarity to issues like these in our featured article about the myths of user behavior. In Useful Things, Marty shows us how reveals how website pages are seen by the top web browsers, and Patrick introduces the Page Analytics Chrome Extension, which provides valuable insights about user behavior.

Featured Articles

Correcting the Top Myths about User Behavior

Your website should have a fantastic user experience, but it is important to explore a number of user behavior myths before making any significant design changes.

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Useful Things

Page Analytics Chrome Extension

Chrome Page Analytics ExtensionWhen logged into Google Analytics and using the Page Analytics extension of the Chrome browser, you can see how users are interacting with your site pages at the click of a button. This not only includes standard metrics like page views and bounce rate, it also shows the percentage of where users click on the page.

Fold Tester

Fold TesterIf you want to know where your website content is visible above “the fold,” input your page URL at and you will see how it shows up for different percentages of the world’s Internet browsers.