Number 89 | April, 2014

Welcome to The StyleSheet #89. In this edition, Danielle talks about the importance of user research and discusses how heuristics and usability testing offer invaluable insights into the ways your target audience engages with your website. In Useful Things, Chris introduces a guide to A/B testing and Mike shows us how SurveyMonkey surveys can be used as a user research tool.

Featured Articles

Improve Your Website with User Research

Learn how user research can help your website become more informative, easily understood and relevant through feedback from your site target audience.


Useful Things

Survey Monkey for User Research

You may already know that Survey Monkey is a free service for creating and sharing surveys, but it can also serve as a user research tool by helping you start conversations with people using your site. You can create and post a complete survey and start gathering feedback in minutes. It also allows you to post screenshots of new site navigation options and have people give feedback. Writing an effective survey is a bit of an art form, but this article can help you get started.

Guide to A/B Testing

Having difficulty deciding how to best present an idea, product or call-to-action on your website? Enter A/B Testing—a powerful tool in your UX arsenal that, through comparative analysis, can replace assumptions with actionable data. To learn more about A/B Testing and how you can make it work for you, check out Smashing Magazine’s in-depth article, The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing.