Number 99 | March, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #99. In years past, companies with mobile responsive websites provided nice experiences for the slim number of users trying to access content using mobile devices. Now that the proportion of mobile traffic to websites is increasing dramatically, Google is promoting sites with great mobile usability while penalizing sites with poor user experience. In our featured article, Patrick discusses how responding to these changes will continue to have greater business impact in the years to come. In Useful Things, Kristine introduces a website allowing you to see how your site is seen on a variety of devices, and Danny provides a Google tool that tests your site’s mobile friendliness.

Featured Articles

Not Having a Mobile Responsive Website is Hurting Your Business

Companies without mobile responsive sites could see their businesses suffer because they are becoming more invisible to the rapidly increasing number of mobile users looking for their products and services.

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Useful Things

Icon_MobileTestMeUse to see what your website pages look like on different mobile and tablet devices and operating systems.


Google Mobile Friendly Test

Icon_GoogleWebmasterWant to learn what Google thinks about your website’s mobile user experience? Just enter your website into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and you will see in seconds!