Number 92 | July, 2014

Welcome to The StyleSheet #92. In this edition on current web design trends and best practices, Danielle discusses the latest trends in design and illustrates how TradeMark Media has applied these to our clients’ sites. In Useful Things, Polly introduces a children’s book about coding and web design, and Sarah shares an app that helps you customize your vacation plans.

Featured Articles

Design Trends & Best Practices: 2014

A website is set up for success when it effectively communicates a business’s message, grabs the audience’s attention, and is accessible across devices. This article highlights some design trends that TradeMark Media uses to help its clients accomplish these goals.

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Useful Things

Web Design for Babies

Book cover of Web Design for BabiesWhat’s a better way to get your kid on the right path to a successful career than to teach them the basics of web design and development? Web Design for Babies is a board book that covers the basic concepts of how a website is built. You might even learn a thing or two!


Locish logoHeading out of town this summer? Check out Locish, a new app that allows you to customize your travel preferences and get recommendations from like-minded users in the area you’re exploring. Just post a question to locals in your area (Where can I find a cozy French bistro with patio seating?) and get suggestions from those who know that neighborhood best!