Number 98 | February, 2015

Welcome to The StyleSheet #98. In this issue, Mike provides insight on how to intuitively design website menus. In Useful Things, Polly highlights a tool for categorizing website content and Sarah shares resources about productivity at the workplace.

Featured Articles

Getting Website Menu Design Right

In this article on intuitive website menu design, Mike discusses how to determine the “right” amount of menu items for your website to help you organize your content and ensure your users are finding what they need.

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Useful Things

Optimal Sort

OptimalWorkshiopOptimal Sort is a great way to see how users break your website’s content into categories. Using their online tool, you can create a “bucket” for each navigation item, or category, and “cards” for each page on your website. Users can then sort the cards into what they think are the appropriate buckets, letting you test your own assumptions of how the content should be organized.

Productivity Apps

FastCompanyStruggling to pinpoint what’s affecting your productivity at work? Take this nifty, interactive quiz from Fast Company that helps identify a specific productivity problem and apps that can help solve it. For more insight about enhancing productivity at work, check out the magazine’s Dec./Jan. issue!