What you need to know about Facebook’s new Timeline view

Posted by Nick Weynand on March 29, 2012 | Comments (0)

On March 30th Facebook will switch all page designs to the new Timeline view. It’s quite a different layout and companies that use Facebook to connect with fans need to be ready. Here are some of the changes as well as some tips to help you get ready.

New cover image

Across the top of the new design will be a very large cover image. Here’s your chance to really create something impactful that makes a great first impression for your brand, company or organization. Since the profile image now overlays the cover image in the bottom left-hand corner, choose a horizontal image that puts the important information on the right-hand side. Also, make sure you read up on Facebook’s requirements for cover images before you create yours. There are some things they are going to prohibit.

New profile image format

Facebook is now suggesting that profile images should be square and no more than 180 pixels wide. On the previous layout you could insert a vertical picture. Make sure your profile image fits this new format.

About statement

The About statement is now right under the cover and profile images so it’s something that people will notice. Consider revamping your about statement to tell people who you are and why they should care. Consider adding some text that would prompt users to contact you or lean more (if that’s what you’re after). Unfortunately, you can’t use HTML within the About section, but it will auto-convert URLs to links so you can reference your main website.

Custom tabs

Custom tabs used to be small and located on the left-hand side. Now they are larger and located up top, underneath the cover image. Unfortunately, the new horizontal design only fits a certain number of tabs so users have to click the “more” arrow to see the rest. The custom tab thumbnails are now larger so make sure any custom graphics you’ve created integrate with the new design.


All of your posts and interactions will now appear in a side-by-side timeline view. There’s not much for you to change here, but just be aware that the stories on your wall will now be presented in this new format.

Remember, Facebook is switching to the new format on March 30th so try to get your company page ready as soon as possible. We’re here if you need us!

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