Social Media Branding Guidelines

Posted by Nick Weynand on June 15, 2012 | Comments (0)

If you’re like many businesses nowadays, you promote your social media channels on your website. Most do this through some logos that have been taken from the web or created by their graphic designer.

To stay out of legal trouble, it’s a great idea to read up on the various branding guidelines for each social media channel.

None of them allow you to manipulate their logo in any way or create your own version of their logo. Here are some other tips for each of the providers with a link for more information on each one.


Often times, you’ll see the Twitter logo represented as a little square with a “t” in it. According to their guidelines, this is against the rules. You can only use the “bird” icon provided in their guidelines. You also can’t create your own bird, change the orientation of the bird or give it sunglasses if you’re so inclined.

Twitter’s branding guidelines can be found here:


In general, Facebook offers one logo that you can use to promote your Facebook content. It’s the little square with the “f” in it that you’ve seen in so many places. They also have a horizontal “facebook” logo that’s been around, but according to their guidelines, you aren’t supposed to use this one unless you have a special arrangement with them.

Facebook’s branding guidelines can be found here:


LinkedIn has some pretty strict rules regarding the space and size of their logo that can be used. You’re also supposed to use the square logo when talking about your specific profile but the horizontal logo if you’re discussing the LinkedIn network as a whole.

LinkedIn’s branding guidelines can be found here:

Other Social Media Sites

There are many other social media sites that you may be using to promote your content. Here are links to the branding guidelines to some of the most popular.

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